Lima. Life in Paradise Part 2

Karin was with a friend. They came over together, grabbed another chair for our table, and then they sat down. Karin looked pleased to see me. Her friend looked at me with contempt. I didn’t look pleased to see Karin but she leant forward and gave me a small kiss on the lips and said “Hello”.

Mix Up

Then I said “Hello” back, in a quiet monotone, and we sat in silence as I shifted in my seat. I preferred to blend in with the varnish.

I could see the glint in Rory’s eyes. I introduced them all, then Stefan carried on with his conversation. It seemed to take an age for Zarah and Corinne to come back. Rory was in tears of laughter.

Once they returned, they collected more chairs so that the table no longer seemed large enough to accommodate us all. I was wondering what was going to happen next. Corinne was looking over at Karin and her friend and wondered what the hell was going on.

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