It was women who led me to travel. In 1982, there was the Eurail trip across Europe on discounted trains. I swept through Paris, Geneva, Milan, then a bit of Germany before Amsterdam and back. A Gilded Age Grand Tour. But the following summer, Sophie stayed on a kibbutz and then travelled through the West Bank to Jordan and beyond. Going further afield was a thing, no matter what the news reported. And when I met up with Peggy, she showed me photos of 14 months around Asia and the world opened up.


Two months after my arrival, Teddy and I moved into a single-story concrete hut at the top of a hill, the other side of Yung Shue Wan. It was fortunate because when Tropical Storm Helen blew in we would not get flooded; though we might be buried under a mudslide. The streets leading to the hut were concrete channels two person wide, and by the time the 5th bell had rung to stop all the ferries, the drains were clogged and all routes home were fast-flowing rivers of rain.