Portraits of travel from around the world

It was women who led me to travel.

First Sophie stayed on a kibbutz for a summer and then traveled to Jordan and around. And when I was introduced to Peggy Tomashevsky, she showed me photos of 14 months around Asia, and the world opened up further.

Not only could you travel but you could do it without working.

Everyone else was telling me, No!

Today’s Posting

Twenty. Tears for the Wedding

It was on a new continent that I pushed past the hustle and bustle of the main streets and followed the line along the shore. Further from the town piles of rejected drums lay like scattered rocks by the roadside. The Garifuna are famous for their drumming. On a boat to Caye Caulker a man had advised that the only good accommodation was three bamboo tree houses hidden away in a small bay further south; he kept repeating, “Go to the tree houses, go to the tree houses.”