Portraits of travel description. A woman from a massage parlor in Patpong, Bangkok, 1987.

A romp around the world, spread over nine years, navigating South East Asia, Central America, North Africa and beyond in search of life, love, and meaning.

Follow Christopher Monroe as he breaks away from his routine existence in London to venture out as a solo traveller, finding his people in the guest houses and hostels of Cairo, Bangkok, and Mexico City, where he meets kilted Canadians, blind rickshaw drivers and offbeat travellers discovering their roots and new ways to break the rules.

With a combination of journal, folk story, and magic realism, he descends from the purest motives, fulfilling dreams beyond his expectations, whilst encountering conflict and beauty, poverty and hope, before his hedonistic decline.

Portraits of travel description. Kenchō-ji, the first Zen temple in Kamakura (1253, the fifth year in the Kencho-era)

Like the cormorant used by the Ukai fishermen will he be destined to catch the fish but not eat it or can he find a chance of redemption?

Mel Christie
October 25, 2022